Epic Sunrise by (Nick Kanta)

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I can’t live without you.

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Wear your weirdness like you wear glasses.

Here is to all you weird and wonderful people ;)

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Disney in the winter. 

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Do you ever get bored with being content. That the thought of branching out again is way more appealing than staying in the same old routine. To fall in love all over again. Have that feeling of that person is the best thing that’s ever walked in your life. I have. It’s normal and okay. I know that now. Though to act upon this is something I not sure ill ever go through with.

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perks of being a wallflower

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This is the thing nothing in life will prepare you for. The moment when you just have no fucking clue who you are anymore. That everything you have constructed around you to be your self your world gets shattered in a second. No matter how much your life is perfect or amazing you feel more empty than you have ever felt before. NO. No one ever prepared me for what I’m facing right now. No book no teacher not even my parents who have taught me a lot in life. So the only thing I have left. Is where do I go from here?

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I made a thing


I made a thing

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